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“Creating new opportunities, adopting new techniques and taking steps in novel directions”

In 2015 Gianluca Fenucci and Antonio Longobardi, followed by Lorenzo Barbini in 2017, started developing Yachting Expertise merging knowledge to project, build and refit yachts at the higher standards.


Following long and intense experiences in the yachting industry that started in the mid-80s at CRN, in 2001 a mix-match of partners followed the dream of Gianluca Fenucci, who was the spark and led the creation of ISA shipyard, closely supported by Antonio Longobardi who was developing and leading the technical department, among others. The managers found the right partner in Rodriguez Group, the most important and prestigious commercial player at that time.

The aim for ISA was to unite under one new flag two neighbouring shipyards located in the industrial area of the Port of Ancona with the mission to design, develop and manufacture luxury mega-yachts at the forefront of innovations in technology and design for a very selective clientele. From the end of 2006, ISA was controlled by Yachting Investors Group, a London based Private Equity, Gianluca Fenucci successfully organized and coordinated the management buy-out process.

Since its first delivery in 2003, 32 yachts have been delivered with an average of about 3 yachts per year up to 2014, together with major refits of superyachts and commercial vessels of 35-90+m, becoming a reference of top quality in the luxury yachting field. ISA received several awards for delivering high-class yachts, including the Super Yacht Award in 2011 for “The Best 60m” with MY “Mary Jean II”, 2006 Millennium Design Award for the ISA 120 and the Yachts International Trophy in 2014 for MY “OKTO”.

Launch of K Yachts

In 2018 following the request of a demanding owner, they have put together the right project, team, designer and shipyard to build a new explorer yacht of 36 meters called K584, she was successfully delivered on time to her owners in July 2020 and has been navigating ever since.


Managing Director

After graduating as Mechanical Engineer, Gianluca started his career at CRN Shipyard’s being in charge of the project coordination and delivery of 15 luxury yachts. He moved to Florida in 1997 to oversee the building of a 40.000 square feet luxury residence in Palm Beach. In 2000 he worked hard to found a new shipyard, creating the ISA Shipyards of Ancona that started operating in 2001. From 2003 to 2014 ISA successfully delivered 32 new high-quality superyachts from 36 to 66 m, including the Award Winner MY “Mary Jean II” to the latest’s industry icons “OKTO” and “Forever One”. In late 2015 he becomes independent consultant to bring his technical, managerial and commercial skills, matured after 30 years of life dedicated with passion to the yachting industry, founding Yachting Expertise firm.


Technical Director

Antonio graduated as Naval Engineer at University of Napoli in 1984. He began his career working in the offshore industry right after graduation. Since 1994 his work has been concentrated in the yachting industry starting his professional experience at CRN Shipyard operating as Technical & Project Management department, leading the developing and delivering of 6 major new projects. In 2001 he acted as one of the founders and shareholders of ISA. He has coordinated the ISA technical department and reached the greatest performance results, including the famous Award winners “Mary Jean II” and “OKTO”.


He is a Yachting Expertise co-founder leading and overseeing all technical matters.


Project Engineer

Pierluigi obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Marche Polytechnic University and then the Master’s Degree with honours in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin in 2019 with a thesis entitled “Model Order Reduction for Nonlinear Vibrations of Geometrically Nonlinear Structures”. He worked on his master thesis at the Imperial College London in the Rolls-Royce Vibration University Technology Centre. After the graduation he moved in Milton Keynes (UK) to join the F1 team Red Bull Racing as Simulation Engineer in the Vehicle Dynamics Group. In Summer 2020 he joined the Yachting Expertise team as Project Engineer focused on the engineering, research and innovation of the yachting industry with a special care to the eco-efficiency of the motor-yachts. After his experience in Formula 1, Pierluigi believes that the superyachts industry is the F1 of yachting industry where most of the cutting-edge technologies are trialled and brought to the market.


Interiors & Project Integration Director

He’s early passion for art and design make him attend the Artistic High School in his native town of Ancona, achieving a Degree in Architecture and Interior Design. After a couple of years of experience in Residential Architecture and Design he started in the yachting industry in early 1996, in Sherwood srl, Fano, where he was following the interiors of CRN constructions and refitting from 30 to 70 meters, leading to work internally in CRN for 4 years before joining ISA Yachts at is founding in 2001. Progressing from Technical Production to Technical Interior Outfitting Manager he followed directly the interior constructions, among many other projects, of the Award Winner MY OKTO, MY MARY JEAN II, MY KOLAHA.



1-MY Vagabondo – CRN – 60+ – FULL CUSTOM


2-MY Pestifer – CRN – 50 – FULL CUSTOM


3-MY Numptia – CRN – 60+ – FULL CUSTOM


4-MY Nourah of Riyadh – CRN – 40 – FULL CUSTOM


5-MY Maracunda – CRN – 50 – FULL CUSTOM


6-MY Sahab IV – CRN – 50 – FULL CUSTOM


7-MY Magnifica – CRN – 43 – SEMI-CUSTOM


8-MY Azzurra – CRN – 47.5 – FULL CUSTOM


9-MY Awal – CRN – 63 – FULL CUSTOM




11-MY Alwaeli – CRN – 70 – MAJOR REFIT – FULL CUSTOM


12-MY Abdul Aziz – CRN – 45 – FULL CUSTOM


13-MY April fool – 47 – ISA Yachts – SEMI-CUSTOM


14-MY MY SonKa – ISA Yachts – 47 – MAJOR REFIT – FULL-CUSTOM


15-MY Alfa Sea – Palmer & Johnson – 45 – REFIT – SEMI-CUSTOM


16-MY Samja – ISA Yachts – 40 – FULL-CUSTOM


17-MY Alpha XII – ISA Yachts – 40 – SEMI-CUSTOM


18-MY TAKNM – ISA Yachts – 40 – SEMI-CUSTOM


19-MY TVTB – ISA Yachts – 40 – SEMI-CUSTOM


20-MY Ellix Too – ISA Yachts – 47 – SEMI-CUSTOM


21-MY Lady Dahlia – ISA Yachts – 47 – SEMI-CUSTOM


22-MY Kolaha (1) – ISA Yachts – 47 – SEMI-CUSTOM


23-MY Ocean Victory – ISA Yachts – 47 – SEMI-CUSTOM


24-MY Axioma – ISA Yachts – 47 – SEMI-CUSTOM


25-MY Aquamarina – ISA Yachts – 47 – SEMI-CUSTOM


26-MY Alexandar V – ISA Yachts – 48 – SEMI-CUSTOM


27-MY Midnight Sun II – ISA Yachts – 37 – SEMI-CUSTOM


28-MY Happy Hour – ISA Yachts – 37 – SEMI-CUSTOM


29-MY Sun Glider – ISA yachts – 37 – SEMI-CUSTOM


30-MY Firouzeh – ISA Yachts – 37 – SEMI-CUSTOM


31-MY Illusion – ISA Yachts – 37 – SEMI-CUSTOM


32-MY Gemini – ISA Yachts – 37 – SEMI-CUSTOM


33-MY Matzu – ISA Yachts – 37 – SEMI-CUSTOM


34-MY Junie – ISA Yachts – 37 – SEMI-CUSTOM


35-MY Petra – ISA Yachts – 37 – SEMI-CUSTOM


36-MY Kolaha (2) – ISA Yachts – 63 – FULL CUSTOM


37-MY Mary Jean II – ISA Yachts – 62 – FULL CUSTOM


38-MY Liberty – ISA Yachts – 50 – FULL-CUSTOM


39-MY Belle Anna – ISA Yachts – 50 – FULL CUSTOM


40-MY Aziza – ISA Yachts – 41 – FULL CUSTOM


41-MY Papi du Papi – ISA Yachts – 50 – FULL CUSTOM


42-MY Soiree – ISA Yachts – 37 – SEMI-CUSTOM


43-MY Silver Wind – ISA Yachts – 45 – FULL CUSTOM


44-MY Forever One – ISA Yachts – 54 – FULL CUSTOM


45-MY OKTO – ISA Yachts – 66 – FULL CUSTOM


46-MY PhilMi – ISA Yachts – 43 – FULL CUSTOM


47-MY Executive – Nicolini – 38 – MAJOR REFIT – FULL CUSTOM


48-MY Sentimento – Overmarine – 30 – REFIT – SEMI-CUSTOM


49-Lady Anne (1) – CRN – 40 – FULL CUSTOM


50-Lady Anne (2) – AMELS – 68 – FULL CUSTOM


51-K-584 – CPN & YE – 36,6 – FULL CUSTOM




53-Development of 100’ catamaran – FULL CUSTOM


54-Project Management, Owner’s representative of a 60’ catamaran – SEMI-CUSTOM

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